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Better schools for all of our children

Better support, training and welcoming environment for our teachers and support staff.

Better training for leadership.
Better communication between departments.
Better family support, planning and push for schools to help get parents involved.
Better finances with a focus on the short term so we can build a better long term school system.
This is why, as a current educator and coach, I am asking for your support this coming November.

An Akron Family for your Akron Family

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Message from Keith: 

I am a product of Akron Public Schools and was also an employee for over a decade. Luckily, as a substitute teacher, student teacher, and full-time custodian, I was able to see how the organization runs and operates and how we can make improvements. I have seen over the last 10-plus years how our Akron Public Schools has not fully lived up to its mission of always putting communities first. 

Due to my extensive experience with Akron Public Schools, my knowledge of how the organization operates and being a current teacher and coach for a bigger school district at the high school level, I know that I can bring the needed leadership and vision we, as a community, need.

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